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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
In the middle of Year 2 of College!

I draw and write stuff, mainly my OCs are drawn, and fanfics are written.

Maybe you've seen some of my Reader Inserts or Fanfics? And if you haven't, that's okay as well!

I'm in a lot of fandoms:

MySims, Mii Fandom, Splatoon, OUAT/Disney, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Bones, Castle (although that ending pissed me off), PJO/HOO/TOA/MCGA/TKC (RICK RIORDAN IS THE KING OF WRITING), Harry Potter (JK IS THE QUEEN), Pirates of the Caribbean, ATLA and LOK, FNAF (only recently lol), DHMIS, Undertale, Shadowhunters (although I’m v salty about it in general), Steven Universe, Downton Abbey, Hetalia, Monster High, Total Drama series, Steven Universe, The Most Popular Girls in School, Scream Queens, Criminal Case (the GAME. YES, I’M IN THE FANDOM. Is there one?)…. that’s all I can think of at the moment!

Requests 'Friends Only' by Drawn-Mario Commissions 'Nope' by Drawn-Mario Art Trades 'Friends only' by Drawn-Mario
learning other languages stamp by DejiNyucu

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy China lang3 by Faeth-design Spanish language level INTERMEDIATE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
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Japanese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy


1. Honestly just be nice, don't say things you wouldn't say to someone you respect, okay?

2. Any requests are for friends/mutuals only

3. Similar to the rule above, I generally do not art trade with anyone except my friends/mutuals!

Who are my friends? CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!

:iconkattinx: :iconshell-anna198: :iconelectricbluetempest: :iconraynbowznstuff: :iconpixelboid: :iconnewworldwarbler: :iconsharia-backup: :iconrastakinder: :iconslandychan: :iconturtleism: :iconzoozoo57: :iconmoonlitemagic45: :iconnintengustavo: :iconkillzonepro194: :iconaugustflorencewaters: :icondaidek: :iconawesomeheartangel: :iconasilversealixir: :iconcottoncandyhurricane: :iconaltolullaby:
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Hi guys!!

I'm setting up art trades in a few waves, so for the next week, I'll be up for drawing for you all!

I'm setting up a few slots for you guys :heart:
When I'm done with the art trades in this first wave, I'll add more people to the list!

1. Daidek- Daidek, Lakshimi, and Atokad *COMPLETED*
2. Shelly - Samuel *COMPLETED*
3. Becca - Agnes x Lance *COMPLETED*
4. Rayn - Red Steam
5. PowderGirl101 -
 Karla x Spencer

Please comment if you'd like to art trade!

Ok!! My slots are full, but when they're empty, I will be up for trading again <3


Adoptions are still up!!!
I'm trying to be super active before my Core goes away (again. For the third time XD )

I'm working on moodboards and art trades still!! But I also have ANOTHER OC To debute aha
Ok, I'm posting my adoptables! They are 100 points each :0c
After a week, if there are any left, I will reduce the price!
Payment can go into my donation pool
I literally am unsure of how to price the adoptables so a range would be lovely
I've been working at my job the last few days and I've been busy omg guess who's super duper tired :'D
I got a B on my one paper on The EU and Switzerland AND I have an interview for a job tomorrow!!!
It's called MySims Summer Break Event

Here's more information in this link
I'll get to these eventually but you can request one (1) moodboard from me <3

If you ask for one and I say yes, your response must include at least 12 things about the person/OC/Ship
I need a lot of information because if one thing doesn't work out for the moodboard, I'll need backups. And if you have images of the OC/person, those help as well! And if you have any recommendations on images, you can send me a note about the picture and I'll message you back
Reminder!! I have finals these next two weeks so if I don't reply it's probably because I'm crying into the void  ;0;
@ my watchers, mutuals, and friends: I love you all <3
We're breakin free
We're SOARINflyin

I can't stop laughing at this one vine
In other news, I ran out of space to make new folders XD XD

I also will be posting moodboards that friends and mutuals requested ;3c
I made a new OC last night THIS IS A PROBLEM
Lots of love to you guys!!!!

Happy Easter for those who celebrate <3
One paper is due today another due tomorrow I'm internally screaming so that's why I'm not on DA rn
I'm tired and want to nap but I have work at 4:30 and I just have a lot of stuff to do I honestly am dying internally.
You guys are kind and supportive, even if you guys don't say anything. Thank you for sticking through this with me :heart:
So I'm happy to say I found some of the ballet tunes my classes played while doing warm ups!

Y'all....I have over 200 OCs I just did a head count :'D

And I haven't even acknowledged barely half of them to you guys


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zigaudrey Featured By Owner May 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello Fay! I have something to tell you... I have a story of mine...

One year ago, I become member of FictionPress, because I wanted to change myself from art and begin writing. Though to be a new art form, I was member for improving my French (not very good) and being outside of the fandom.

The fact is that this site is the sister, home of fan-written stories.
However, I didn't wanted to be a member because on how badly reputated it is because on how dirty-minded fan-author can be, after watching all of thoses fan-fictions rant.
That why I choose FictionPress, it is studious and have more respectful writer (because fan-writer than to be angry over critic and reject it throught brute force). I love this site and thank to it, I began reading and writing prose and poetry.

But after month later, I wanted to read some french fan-fictions out of curiosity and I used my FP account in some case, I will comment them. And it also give a try on writing a fan-fiction...

And my First French Fan-Fiction published is... A MySims story... Featuring Goth Boy.
This story is an "Headcanon in story" and a "Expression into text". Goth Boy is supposed to represent me because on how many simularity we share.
And this is an headcanon of mine (which was supposed to be on a MySims Blog) but end up being in writing because it is the safest element to add in a fan-fiction.

The story involves Goth Boy that, despise to be experienced in poetry, doesn't wanted to be one but he still continue to write them because he has a reason.
It was published on the 2nd august of 2016.
Here is the story (it's French) :…

After month later, I checked the view and... where come this sudden popularity? There are not many french on, How is that possible?!
And worst, a french anonymous asked me to do... erm... an erotic story with GB...
I was like WTF?! MySims isn't the Sims 2! Also, there is not such extrem element in the serie! Does he even check the source material?! Because of that, I can't see the MySims serie the same way as before and I wanted to be outside this fandom. Gad dangit. And I deleted the review because of the content.

And three months later after that, I wanted to find the awnser of my question and... I found it...
It was actually a youtuber nammed Brendaniel who read my Fan-Fiction by using a Google Traductor. Which explains the popularity of my French Fan-Fiction.
My heart pumped so fast by this discovery, it is like the first time it hapenned to me... How lucky is THAT?! I wasn't expected that! I am French! Like... HOW?!
It is a shame that nobody tell me... And also, nobody checked my error... Man, this video was useful... Why nobody tell that?! It was a good opportunity but no.

Now, my French MySims Fan-Fiction become the most viewed with more then 23 000 views + 200 views on my story.

It was a great experience regardless. This video was published on the 8 October 2016.
Here is the video:…
(Careful, Google Traductor badly translate things and my French Fan-Fiction IS CLEAN! It is rated K!)

By the way, there are thing I have to tell you about element in my fan-fiction.
Bullet; Purple First we have Spleen, an old english word used by Baudelaire (a french poet) to express melancoly or angst. Brendaniel first thought it was an organ... Yes, AN ORGAN OF MALAISE! I also wondered why Baudelaire use this english word.
Bullet; Purple Second, we have Temporal Grain, a metaphor for Hourglass. Almost become a meme. Also, as it is a piece of literature, I tend to balance Form/Function to make the text more enjoyable to read. It is also by coincidence Sims Humor, who tend to make strange metaphore like: Life is like feeding baked alaska to zombie. EA know what make us laugh.
Bullet; Purple And last but not least, the sentence Poetry became his drug. So far the strongest word I could ever write in a child-friendly serie. This one should be taken in a figured sense. Poetry is not wine. It's just like an addiction like use using computer as it. This style of speech is called "Exageration" or "Hyperbole". Nobody pointed that out.

Regardless, I am so glad that Brendaniel understand the story by its function and not its form, which was the vital point of my French Fan-Fiction. After all, I was mostly influence by poetry and how much they can be expressive.

Oh, I also show my French Fan-Fiction to my Parents. My Father says it was beautiful and my mother laughed on the "Poetry became his drug" part.

Here is my account but all my stories are French:
But... Writing Fan-Fiction doesn't really appeal me much... I prefer being on FictionPress and analyse poetries.

Oh, and Brendaniel is a youtuber that read bad fan-fiction, especially the one who are dirty, porn or extrem element. Even thought I didn't check his video before being a member,it's the reason why I doesn't wanted to be member of this site...
MoonLiteMagic45 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Student General Artist
Hey, Faythie! I have something for you! I hope you like it! :D…
LittleMissHistoryLov Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
whoa!!! this is so cool!!! ;3c
MoonLiteMagic45 Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Student General Artist
I'm always making stuff like this for others, too. Feel free to request from me anytime! :)
Slandychan Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2017  Student General Artist
lol XD oh my gosh! Thank you for the donation :'D Now as a reward I think that it's time for me to give a like to EVERY drawing that you made! + I will give you a cookie and always stand on your side! I AM NOW YOUR SLAVE!
LittleMissHistoryLov Featured By Owner May 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
SlyZeke101 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
listen Faynie, if you saw Daidek's Sorry.. it's just a prank! He just fucking with you
Daidek Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Kimopoleis Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
How's it going? :thanks: You’ve got fantastic characters!

I'm a concept and graphic artist working on a Patreon page that's launching in a few weeks and 
as part of my campaign I'm gathering supporters interested in chibis, fanart, and game UI design!

I'd really appreciate if you'd spare some time to watch me and get updated! Have a nice day! :love:
SlyZeke101 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Hello Fathyie, I'm just a otaku who write fanfics and draw anime for fun!😎
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